Friday, November 04, 2005

Update on Mom

She called the drs office to see if they had any news. The "spot" is on her lung, not her rib. And it's the only spot. On Monday, she will call to get her appt time to proceed. They are going to do a biopsy to find out what it is.

We went through something simular in May with my step-dad. They found a spot on his lung, and told us it was either cancer, TB or an infection. Turns out it was an infection. He has been on meds since. Of the three, infection was the most treatable, therefore best "option" if we had to choose one.

Can you guess which one I would choose if given a choice? It hasn't been easy to treat my step-dad and it took over a month to get a diagnosis on him and get the right treatment. They said he had to be on the meds for 6 months. At 4 months, his liver enzymes when through the roof. They took him off the meds and waited for his counts to level off again. One more week on the meds, and his liver went crazy again. So now, where does that leave him? We are waiting for answers now.

Each of the things that can be wrong have serious implications. I just have to remain positive and pray that she is getting the best possible care in her unique situation. The news we received today is far better than I dared hope for. And I only pray that it gets better.

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