Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Yes, I procrastinate. I have homework due by 10 tonight. I will work on it at 8ish. Why do I always wait until the last minute?! I have about 15 quilts I need to finish by the 16th of December. I am starting them now. Because that's about a quilt a day!! HOLY CRAP! I think I work better under pressure. I get so easily distracted otherwise. I am sitting here thinking that I need to go put the last two pieces of border on my neice's quilt. And I need to switch out the laundry. And mop the floors. And clean the bathrooms. And take out something for dinner. And do I really have only 2 hours left until I need to go pick up the kids?! Wow.

Ok, I'll go finish that quilt. But not before I load the dishwasher!

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Doris Fisher, children's author said...

I loved reading your posts on your blog. I, too, have a child with a
birthday this time of year. In fact it is today. But I'm old enough to be your mother and my daughter who is 27 today is obviously closer to your age than
I am.

But I loved reading about your kids, dogs, quilts etc. I do all types of should say I used to. Now I'm a children's writer with picture books coming out in 2006. I started writing when the empty nest hit me. It has taken me since 2000 to get published. This is a very hard business to break into. I feel very fortunate.

I hope to hear from you and hope you will read my blog and visit my website. Although I now live in a suburb of Houston, I grew up in Tulsa and feel like Missouri is a state nearby me.

Keep in touch if you can.
Doris Fisher
children's author