Friday, May 30, 2008

Good Day

I got my referral from tricare. Now I have to call the doctor listed and make an appointment.

On a more exciting front, the kids and I got to watch the troops doing the pugil fights today. I think the kids enjoyed seeing them. I took a few pictures. Here are some of them.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Something Shiny

I had my appointment this morning. Basically, she put in a consult and now we wait again. YAY!

In other news, better news, I went with Mike to 'look' at a Harley Davdison. He has been looking for a week or so. Gas prices are insane and it will save us money in the long run. Needless to say, he drove the bike off the lot and now it is parked in our garage. And boy, is she a beauty!

When the boys stepped off the bus this afternoon, Matthew yelled "we got a bike, sweet!". When I picked Lauren up from Girls Scouts and let her know that we bought a bike, her first question was "Is it shiny?!". Whadda think?

Doctor Appointment

I have an appointment today to see my Primary Care Manager. It took three days of me calling my insurance and two clinics to secure this date and a wait of 9 days. The phone rang at 630 this morning. It was the scheduling part of the insurance company to let me know that my PCM called in sick this morning. Thankfully, I could be seen by another doctor today. Hopefully, they will give me my consult/referral and I can get some answers on what is happening to my body. I will update soon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What a Pain... the Saga.. Part 2

I posted on the 28th of April, after my ER trip, about my 'female issues'. Well, I've been very patiently waiting for my insurance to call me with a referal to see a gyn. It's been over two weeks, so I decided to call. Insurance claims they have no record of the referral, although I do have a copy in my hands. They tell me to call the Gyn clinic to get an appt, if they can see me. I call Gyn (because when I was transferred, I was hung up on!) and was told that they can see the it was put in for an off post consult, but not a referral. They tell me that they are only seeing prenatal right now. They also say I need to call my clinic to see if my regular doctor can put in the referral. I call my clinic and after being on hold for 9 mins and a snotty rececptionist, I a transferred to my doctors nurse's answering machine. So now, I wait for a call from a clinic which has no clue as to what is going on. The pain is starting to creep back in and I can't imagine going through this again. Except for the fact that I'm still going through it! UGH

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Jacob's Not so Great Day

I got a call from my supervisor yesterday that I needed to call the principal at school. (I work for the school, but was out doing home visits) I asked what about and said Jacob. My heart sank.

We have had issues with Jacob and anger for some time. He has done so much better. I have worked with his teacher all year to get Jacob to a point where if he is angry he tells her he needs time and he is taken out of a situation and left to cool down. He has even gotten better at home to where he will separate himself from a conflict.

Well, apparently, yesterday morning before school he and some boys were playing 'stampede'. Jacob was being chased and decided he was done. He went sit by a pole alone. A couple of the boys went over to 'check on him'. Apparently he got angry at one of them and chased him and hit him. Another boy started calling Jacob a cry-baby and just generally teasing him. Jacob then chased that boy and tried to hit him as well. He was restrained by other students. The teacher took notice of what was happened and stepped in.

The kids were asked what happened and the principal called a few in to get their stories. Jacob was given and 'academic reassignment' (read: in school suspension). I talked to the principal, the counselor and Jacob's teacher. I am miffed that the second boy was NOT disciplined (actually, only Jacob was!).

I asked Jacob today if anyone brought it up or if anything was said. I guess the second boy was again teasing Jacob today saying "Wanna put me in a headlock, you should put me in a headlock". I am to the point that I want Jacob to kick the kids ass as he has been bullied all year and I've had enough.

I will go back to the principal tomorrow and ask what is being done about the bullying. Because if Jacob retaliates again as a result of being bullied, I will be pissed if he gets suspended... again! UGH