Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Here are the kids in their costumes. We won't be trick-or-treating tonight. The boys have karate. It's just as well though, because they really don't need all that candy.

Our Halloween party was fun. Only about half of the people showed up, but it was nice and relaxing. We sat my the fire roasting marshmallows, making s'mores and just chatting while the kids played inside and ate lots and lots of sugar. My kids promply passed out as soon as their heads hit the pillows. They really enjoyed wacking the pinata.. see the joy on Lauren's face here... and the evil glint in her eyes!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Halloween Party Tomorrow...

I don't even know who is coming. I've invited EVERYONE. I guess it will be a suprise to see who actually shows up. The kids are pretty excited. I got a pinata and they helped to stuff it yesterday. I think the kids are going to bob for apples, and the kids said they want to do a "Pin the Broom on the Witch" game.. should be fun.

I've hired a sitter to watch the kids in the house. We will set up in the workshop/garage like last year. I think it's colder this year though. We will light a fire in the pit, and make s'mores. I am looking forward to it. I love having people over.

Mike said he is going to dress up as a scarecrow.. I still don't know what I'm dress up as.. I'll have to see what costumes Wal-Mart has left tomorrow.
I don't think we will be taking the kids trick-or-treating this year. The boys have Karate Monday night, and I don't think we will be home in time... who knows. They are pretty excited that they get to wear their costumes tomorrow night. We will have one Darth Vader, one Army soldier, and one Oh so pink princess!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

They said...

They said about 4 years ago that my Mom has an autoimmune disease. It is in the Lupus/Schleraderma family, but they can't really pinpoint what it is. It affects her lungs. She is losing elasticity in her lungs and the pressure in her lungs is really high. She can't take a shower or take clothes out of the dryer without getting winded.

They said that the chemo would help to slow the progress of the disease. She did chemo for 18 months and has been on steriods ever since. She is also diabetic, so she is very slow to heal.

They said last week that she had pleurisy. She was in alot of pain. Last Wendsday she sounded better. Thursday morning I called and she had just gotten out of the shower. She could hardly breathe and she just broke down. She was in a lot of pain, and was afraid she would become hooked on the pain meds. Friday she went to the doctor. They scheduled a bone scan for Monday because they thought that maybe she had cracked a rib.

They said it's not a cracked rib. And it wasn't pleurisy.

They said it's probably cancer.

They said they should be able to treat it with radiation.

They said they are going to do more test to see if it's anywhere else.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

First Attempt

Here's goes... My first attempt at blogging. I have been reading blogs for almost a year now and figured I should try my hand at it. My husband is going to be stationed in Korea for a year and I thought this might be a good way for him to keep up with what we are doing. He can probably read here and gage my mood as to wheter it's a good time to call home or not as well!!

My name is Misty. I am happily married to a wonderful man. We have three children and we are currently stationed in Missouri. I am a 'stay at home mom' who is usually anywhere except home. I am involved in my children's school as well as being a full time student myself. I am also involved in a local group for Moms of Preschoolers. In my "spare" time, I enjoy reading and quilting.

That's all for now... more to come later.