Monday, February 27, 2006

Today's Highlights...

Updates from the last post..
... I called the atv credit people. I made a payment and have to call them back Friday to see if they will reverse the two $39 late fees.
... I called the boob dr about the bill. Evedently, our insurance paid the bill three days after they mailed it to me.

Other things I did today..
... I called to check the status of the van. Did I tell you it's in the shop?! It should be done by Wednesday. $110 for a new ignition switch, installed.
... I called about the boys atv's. The place we bought from owes us a body. And I cracked the gas cap this weekend and need to order a new one. And Jacob's has a flat (I should be able to plug it).
... I went to the college to see what I need to finish my degree. 13 classes!! I will be done next summer. woohooo.
... I also took a friend's daughter to the dr for her, went to the commisary and the post office.
... The boys had karate tonight. They are done. I think it's just too much for them. Time to move on.

And now, I must sleep. I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Busy/Crazy Week...

So I am starting to think that my Wednesdays are cursed. On the 8th Mike left for Korea. On the 15th I just couldn't cheer up and cried all damn day. On the 22nd Lauren spiked a fever of 103.5, Matthew stayed home sick and the van broke. Joy. The van is now in the shop, I'm waiting for the bill...
Yesterday was a pretty good day. Lauren went back to school (first day this week!) and I got some housework done. Today was pretty good. I took the kids to see Hoodwinked, cute movie! I did get a collection bill for the ATV account. The shitty thing is that I've never gotten a bill from them, but I get this! NICE.. and they probably won't talk to me about it because my name isn't on the account. Oh and I got another bill from my breast consult last July. The one Tricare was supposed to pay. The one that was supposed to be a "free consultation". Whatever.
Gotta run. The dog just puked. In Matthew's bed...

Monday, February 20, 2006

And And And

The kids are dong alright. Matthew is really whiny. I don't know what to do for him. He gets so angry when things don't go his way. I need to work with him to find a way for him to cope. Jacob is doing good. He has been so lovey lately. Lauren is doing good too. She says she misses Daddy at least four times a day... Overall, they seem to be handling things well.
I'm doing ok. I'm still pissed about the way this entire thing had been played. And I'm really upset about having to be apart for so long. I try not to think too much about it, but it's hard and it sucks. My heart just aches when I think of all the time we won't be together. And all the things Mike will miss with the kids. And all the times the kids will wish Daddy was home. At night, once the kids are in bed, is the loneliest time for me. I have nothing to distract me as I lie in our bed alone. It's here, now, that I just wish it was all over and done with. I know the time will pass and we will be together again. And part of me wishes I could just fast forward it. But then that would be fast forwarding the kids as well and I'm just not ready for that!
For now, I'll go to sleep. And tomorrow I will get up and go on just like I do everyday. And I'll get excited when I get to see him on the web cam. And my heart will skip a beat when he emails me. I'll smile for everyone and get through my day. Then I'll climb in bed tomorrow night and wish we could be together...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Crappy Day..

I'm in a crappy mood today. I feel like I could cry at any minute. Maybe it's all sinking in? Whatever it is, SUCKS! I feel like the saddest person on earth right now... ugh

Valentine's Day

Yeah, I know it was yesterday. The kids and I went and had our picture taken! :) I was going to send them to Mike as a suprise, but I already showed them to him! hehe
Here are the pictures, in case ya wanna see them too!

I hope everyone had a day filled with LOVE! We did!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


So it doesn't look like we can get out of the Hawaii assignment. And part of me wonders if he really wants to. Not because he doesn't want to be with us, but because of the opportunities at the other side of this thing. Let me explain:
- If he goes to Hawaii, they ARE going to Iraq. And the reason little boys dream of joining the military is to serve their country. How many veterans do you know that say, "Yeah, I was in the military during the war, but I stayed in the states the whole time". I mean, the reason to serve and to train is to use that knowledge. This would give him the opportunity to do just that. To be in that combat situation he has dreamed of since he was a child. To give more meaning to his time in service.
- If he goes to Hawaii, it's a good career move. You can't stay at one place too long, or you stagnate. Your chances for promotion are not as good, and you don't get the leadership opportunities you have elsewhere.

The down side to all this is more time apart.
There are options for us, with a Hawaii move:
1. The kids and I can stay here. Mike would be in Hawaii two years. A year of that would be spent in Iraq. We know that. We would be apart, but the kids would have stability. (Matthew REALLY doesn't want to move.)
2. We could all move to Hawaii. Mike would be assigned there for three years. One of which would be spent in Iraq. If we go, the kids and I would be on the Island without any family for a long time. And I don't even want to think about what a plane ticket to Hawaii cost, let alone 4 tickets. In other words, our ability to see family would be practically non-existent. Not to mention having to sell the house and figure out what to do with all our stuff because we can't take it all with us.

Oh, in option 1, we don't know when he would go to Iraq. It would most likely be 6 months or so after he gets there. So it would be Hawaii - Iraq - Hawaii - Home.

I am afraid that IF we go with him, we would never see him anyway. And we don't want to uproot the kids to be with Daddy when we wouldn't BE with Daddy anyway.

All of this makes me want to scream and cry. I want to throw a huge tantrum at the injustice of it all! But it won't change things. And really, as a soldier, isn't it his mission to serve our country as needed? And as his wife, I support him 100%. So I need to just step back, look at the bigger picture, and just deal with what is at hand. The decisions will come with time. And I know we will be fine with whatever happens. I just don't deal well with so many unknowns.

Friday, February 10, 2006

I got a couple of emails, and he called, last night. Mike is safely in Korea..

I got up this morning, and there was another email from Mike.... this is what he said...

"...I got some shitty news from the brigade sergeant major this morning. The brigade is moving to Hawaii and my battalion is going in or around July. The problem is that they are saying everyone is going, and upon arrival in Hawaii they say unaccompanied will have to be on the ground for 24 months and accompanied will be there for 36. The time spent in Korea is just "bonus" time. I am going to see if I can get more info this week. ..."

and of course it's the weekend. We won't know anything more until next week at least, and I expect not for a while. I can't even think straight right now.. this is crazy!

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Mike left for Korea yesterday morning.
I did some crying. The kids skipped karate and we just hung out after school. Everyone is reaching out to me and it makes me feel good and it makes me want to cry. I am surrounded by such wonderful people.

Monday, February 06, 2006


I was just passing the bathroom, Matthew is in the tub, Mike is getting some of his stuff out of the bathroom...
and I hear Matthew say.... "yeah, it's like a sacrifice, you have to go away for a year so we can stay here"...

*sniff, sniff*

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It'll Be Alright...

Sucking on the Updates...

It's been busy here. And Mike leaves in a week. ACK
Not much to say... still in school, Ethics teacher with the "borrowed" syllabis.. nice. Kids are great. Life is good. Here is a picture for good measure...

Sleep-overs are lots of fun.. esp when Mom and Dad let you slide down the hallway on your belly!