Monday, February 27, 2006

Today's Highlights...

Updates from the last post..
... I called the atv credit people. I made a payment and have to call them back Friday to see if they will reverse the two $39 late fees.
... I called the boob dr about the bill. Evedently, our insurance paid the bill three days after they mailed it to me.

Other things I did today..
... I called to check the status of the van. Did I tell you it's in the shop?! It should be done by Wednesday. $110 for a new ignition switch, installed.
... I called about the boys atv's. The place we bought from owes us a body. And I cracked the gas cap this weekend and need to order a new one. And Jacob's has a flat (I should be able to plug it).
... I went to the college to see what I need to finish my degree. 13 classes!! I will be done next summer. woohooo.
... I also took a friend's daughter to the dr for her, went to the commisary and the post office.
... The boys had karate tonight. They are done. I think it's just too much for them. Time to move on.

And now, I must sleep. I can't wait to see what tomorrow holds!

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