Monday, December 26, 2005

This and That

We had a good Christmas. The kids were spoiled and got nearly everything on their lists this year. Mike got a tshirt and PS2 game off his list as well as the ATV. And I got my one hour back massage (professional!!) and a wireless keyboard and mouse. I didn't ask for the keyboard and mouse, but MAN it's so nice to not have the dog sleeping on the wires!

I am sooo ready to take the tree down! Usually, I like to wait until the first week of January, but this year, I'm just tired of looking at it.

We are on the countdown until Mike leaves for Korea. He flies out on Feb 8. Too soon. I am hoping for a weekend away, just the two of us, before he leaves. It will interesting to see how the kids take it. They were way to young last time to understand. I think the boys will be fine, it's Lauren who will have the hardest time. The boys will get to email Daddy, and I think that will be pretty cool for them. I'm looking forward to this time next year, because we will be that much closer to him coming back home.

I am on break from school. I don't know how I pulled two As out of last semester! And countless quilts completed (not to mention the 3 I didn't quite finish yet). I'm really not looking forward to classes starting again. But only a little over a year left until I finish my degree. I can do this..

The visit with Mom was nice. I was suprised things flowed so smoothly with seven extra people here. The kids were in heaven with 3 cousins to play with. Mom looks pretty good. Very tired. She cracked another rib last week. Coughing. It saddens me to see how this disease has progressed. And it scares me that it could be genetic. I look at all the cancer on her Dad's side the family, and the diabetes on her Mom's side the family, and I wonder what chance do I have?!

I'm looking forward to next year. I know alot of things will be different, but I am up for the challenges (I hope). Watching the kids grow and change is so amazing. I love the people they are becoming. It makes me so proud to see how independant they are. Man, I've got it so good.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's About Time...

So, I've wanted to have a family picture taken for about 5 years now. But something always happens, and we don't get the family picture. Usually, it's 5 days before Christmas, I plop the kids in front of the tree, snap some pictures, run to WalMart with the better one, print off cards and call it done. This year, when Mike asked what I wanted for my birthday, my reply was a family picture. And clothes for me. Well, my birthday was in September. I went shopping and got myself some clothes. And I mentioned the family picture again, and again, and again. I finally called in Oct to get an appt. I really wanted the do them in the fall with the leaves. The place by the house here was booked. Solid. Until December. A new place opened up here in 'town', and I had seen some of her work and was pleased. So, I called and made an appointment. We finally took a family picture last week. So, I guess it will be five more years until we take another one! Anyway, here is the one we fell in love with. Actually, all the pictures turned out well. This is the one we are using in our family Christmas cards this year.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Mommy's Coming

My Mom is going to be here in a couple of hours. Along with my brother, his wife, their two daughters, my sister and her daughter. Should make for an interesting weekend!!

Oh, and Matthew will be testing for his orange belt tonight!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

What does it Matter?

I asked Mike to take the boys to Karate tonight, so I could work on the 7 quilts I need to complete by this weekend. He said he would, but I could tell he was annoyed. When I got home, he was in a rare mood... I asked what was wrong. Evidently, he doesn't mind taking the kids, but was upset that I waited so long to do these quilts, and now it's the last minute, and I am rushing. First off, what does it matter what I do with that time while he is gone? And does he not see that I am also a full time student, mother to three children and person trying to hold it all together?! I just don't understand what the deal was... wonder what he will say when I ask if he will take them again on Wednesday (so I can do the quilts, because tomorrow, I am finishing my classwork for this semester)?!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Stage Sick

Lauren was in her first dance performance tonight. Her dance school did 'The Nutcracker'. At rehersal last night, she did great! She really liked being on stage, so I thought she would be fine tonight. For the first song, she was ok. She hid her face at first, but once the music came on she was fine. When her class came out for their second performance, she wasn't with them. I was shocked, and wondered where my baby girl was?! A couple minutes later, she comes on stage, with a teacher, hiding her face in her hands. She did dance, but hid her face the entire time she was on stage!! She said she was 'stage sick'. Here is a picture of my ballerina from tonight! Enjoy!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Matthew!!!

I can not believe that my oldest child is NINE today!!
He had a great birthday celebration weekend. He had 3 friends sleep over Friday night. They hung out in the family room and took turns playing the playstation, the arcade and the game boys. (I should charge admission to my family room!) Saturday, we got up and headed down to Arkansas to pick up some quilts I had sent out. I called Matthew BEST friend to see if they could meet us, they moved 2 hours south of where we were going. They couldn't meet us, but invited us to come down to spend the night!! SO WE DID! Matthew was THRILLED to see his buddy Ryan, and we all had a great time!!! Here is a picture of Matthew from his party on Friday night.. he was opening a Star Wars game for his PS2, and he was totally suprised!!

Happy Birthday Matthew, you make me proud son!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Night Out

Mike and I went out last night. He had a banquet for work, and we got to get all dressed up!! Here's a picture of us before we left!! Gotta love the star growing out of his head...

I love being an adult sometimes!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Merry Christmas to Me!

I got pulled over on the way to karate Monday night. Jacob and Lauren were sleeping. The officer came up to my window, asked for my license and went back to his car. Matthew turns to me and asks what I would do if he gave me a ticket. I told him that since I was speeding, I would just have to take it, and suffer the consequences. The officer came back, handing me my license, and a ticket. He set my court date for Jan 20. My fine is $100. I was doing 73 in a 55.. oops. As soon as Jacob and Lauren woke up, Matthew told them, "Guys, Mom got pulled over by a COP, and he gave her a ticket, and she has to pay up $100."