Monday, December 05, 2005

Happy Birthday Matthew!!!

I can not believe that my oldest child is NINE today!!
He had a great birthday celebration weekend. He had 3 friends sleep over Friday night. They hung out in the family room and took turns playing the playstation, the arcade and the game boys. (I should charge admission to my family room!) Saturday, we got up and headed down to Arkansas to pick up some quilts I had sent out. I called Matthew BEST friend to see if they could meet us, they moved 2 hours south of where we were going. They couldn't meet us, but invited us to come down to spend the night!! SO WE DID! Matthew was THRILLED to see his buddy Ryan, and we all had a great time!!! Here is a picture of Matthew from his party on Friday night.. he was opening a Star Wars game for his PS2, and he was totally suprised!!

Happy Birthday Matthew, you make me proud son!

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