Sunday, March 05, 2006

Strep, Finals and a Birthday Party...

Our week in review...

Tuesday was another busy day. I accomplished the following:
- Made dental appts for the kids and myself.
- Made an appt to get fingerprinted so that I can sub at the school.
- Walked two and a half miles.
- Found the bills for the atv. They are from Retail Services. The same company as the laptops. I never opened them because I thought they were the HP bills, and we didn't owe on them yet. OOOOPPPS.
- Took the tire off Jacob's four wheeler. I submerged it in water to see if I could find a hole. No luck. Not sure if it's just a slow leak or what?! I put the tire back on, reinflated it and I'll check tomorrow to see if the air is still leaking.
- Found a replacement cap for Matthew's four wheeler since I cracked the original last week trying to loosen it to put gas. It just so happened to be sitting on the 5 gallon gas can. It fit, so I drilled a couple of vent holes.
- Worked on a quilt for Jennifer.

On Wednesday I finished the quilt. I was short on the batting I had so I had to go to the fabic store for more. Wanna see the quilt?!

Amy and I had lunch with a friend too. I also did some schoolwork and just hung out with my babies.

On Thursday Matthew wasn't feeling well so he stayed home. I did walk him into the clinic for a throat culture because I thought he had strep. The doctor didn't think he did, but swabbed his throat for me anyway. I then dropped Matthew at a friends so I could go with another friend to pick up the van. The van is back, but not before the dealership put 128 miles on and a bag of trash inside my van. Nice. Nancy was a blessing and drove the girls to dance. I walked 4.2 miles with Amy, Kirsten and Jen. It felt great! Both the walking and chatting with adults!!

Lauren was diagnosed with a UTI last week. We had her follow up appt on Friday. Everything looks good, but they want to do a couple of test to see if she has kidney reflux. My sister, her daughter and my other neice have all had issues, as well as my mother in law, so hopefully this will just rule out any issues for Lauren. We have one test on Thursday and the other on the 29th. I picked up the antibiotics the dr prescribed for Matthew even though his culture results weren't in. He stayed home Friday too because he was worst. I started the meds that morning. The nurse called me around 2 to let me know that he did in fact have strep. He is doing much better now. Back to school for him tomorrow. Friday night Heather and Lillian arrived to spend the weekend with us!

Saturday was Lauren's party. Jacob and I went to the commisary for last minute stuff then to Wal-Mart to pick up the cake. We came home and got everything set up. The party went well. Everyone had a good time. I spent the better part of last night completing my finals for my classes.

Got up this morning and just couldn't believe that my BABY is five today! WOW. I showered and we dropped the boys off for the day. Heather, Lillian, Lauren and I went to Springfield to the mall. We hit Build a Bear first. The girls had fun, as did we. We then walked around the mall a little and got cookies for the girls. Then it was on the road for Heather and Lillian, long drive home. Lauren and I went to Target first then headed home as well. We picked up the boys and came home. After dinner we all played Clue and now they are all in bed. I really should be heading there myself. My day starts at 6 and who knows what this week will hold!

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