Friday, March 31, 2006

Blown Pupil or Fun Time in the ER

I raked a bunch of leaves in the yard today. We were supposed to get some really strong storms, and well, lots of wind. So I figured I would rake the leaves to the middle of the yard and let the wind take them! LOL

Well, my allergies started acting up. I took a claritin and put some eye drops in my itchy eye. Only one was bugging me.

After I did that, I came inside and made dinner. The kids and I ate and I went to take a shower. Matthew is starting PeeWee Basketball, and tonight was the first night. Well, when i went into my bathroom my eye felt strange. So, I looked in the mirror and the pupil in the eye that I put the drops in was fully dilated. Strange. I went ahead and took my shower and the kids ready to go. Lauren was headed to a friends house because she didn't want to sit through basketball again (Jacob has his night Tuesday). Well, her friend's Dad is a dr, so I had him look at my eye... He said that I should go to the ER to get it checked. I said that after Matthew's practice I would go in.

We get to basketball and one of Matthew's friends Dad is a PA, so I asked him what he thought. He said it was likely a reaction to the drops, but that I should get checked anyway. So, I got another Mom to drop Matthew off at Lauren's friends house (they offered to keep the kids for me). I dropped Jacob off there as well and headed to the ER. After sitting there for 3 hours, my eye wasn't as dilated. The dr finally came in to talk to me. He said he had been doing some research to see what may have caused it. Basically, we believe it was from the eye drops (which is strange because I have used these drops many times and never had an issue with them).

Since the kids were asleep, I left them at my friend's house. I will go get them before school in the morning. It feels soooo strange to be alone in my house!!

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