Thursday, March 16, 2006

Adult Decision Making SUCKS

Mike called.. we needed to make a decision ASAP:

Option 1:
Stay in Korea until next Feb. Come home (probably). He would work a desk job.

Option 2:
Go to Hawaii. It is now a 3 year tour. Most likely do at least a year of those 3 in Iraq. We would stay here. Keep our home and stability for the children.

Option 3:
Go to Hawaii. 3 year tour. One year of that in Iraq. The kids and I relocate to Hawaii. We sell house and most of our posessions.

WTF do you choose?! What is the lesser of the 3 evils.

In option 1, Mike is miserable with his job. He isn't furthering his career and losing valuable training time. We are still apart. BUT, he comes home (hopefully to Missouri) in a year.

In option 2, we are apart. BUT the kids are stable. They are doing really well in school and do NOT want to move. I have a huge support system here. I am comfortable being here while Mike is deployed/away. Three years is a long time.

In option 3, we are together. Mostly. Sometimes. We really don't know how much of that time will be spent deployed. We would have to sell the house and most of our possesions or put it all in storage. The kids don't want to move. From what I hear, Hawaii is an expensive place to live, there is a lot of prejudice against white people, and the schools aren't good. In 3 years, who knows what we will have to show for our *adventure*.

So, Mike calls, and needs a decision in 20 minutes. WTF do you do?! How do you choose?! I'm following my heart. And it hurts to make ANY of these decisions. But we did make a choice. And I think we are both content with it. God, let it be the right choice.


2J3K&P said...

What did you decide? I hope it is what you want and will work out for everyone. (((HUGS)))

Misty said...

We chose option 2...
I think it's the best for all of us at this point. We had to sacrifice something, somewhere.

sillypants said...

I was going to vote for number much as I love Hawaii, the kids, well the boys, L would probably be more flexible, but the boys have all their friends, their school, their activities and I think I would only take themout of that if I were looking to relocate permanently, ykwim? 3 years ( albeit a long time to be away from each other) is a relatively short amount of time and I don't think it's worth causing a huge upheaval over.

The decision is tough no matter which option you choose. Can you fly over there say for summers, or take all of december and go?