Monday, March 27, 2006

Word of the Day...

As of our convesation this morning, which is subject to change at any moment, he *may* be going to Iraq en route to Hawaii...
And it is still being said that the tour is 24 months unaccompanied. I wonder if the en route part counts toward the 24 month part.. hmmmmm..

In other news, Jacob's other top tooth came out, sometime after midnight last night, but before 8 am this morning. We have no idea where the tooth is, but given a guess, I'd say watch his digestive tract.
Speaking of digestive tracts, I woke to the most nauseating smell this morning. I should have let the dog out at 4:30 when I got up to pee.. yuck. Steam cleaning the carpets at 6:30 am is not my idea of a pleasant morning.

Tomorrow is dentist appointments. Should be interesting.
Wednesday involves an ultrasound of Lauren's kidneys. We are looking for any damage caused by her kidney reflux. Have I mentioned that here?! If not, there we go, now I have. I'm sure I'll write more about it one day.

Oh,and I am contemplating whether or not I want to drive home for Easter. The kids only get a 4 day weekend. I am looking at the dates and seeing if I can make this thing work. I have a term paper and two midterms due that weekend, so we shall see.

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