Saturday, November 05, 2005


Lauren had a dance performance today. There was a huge expo at the civic center and both dance schools performed. I was taken aback by how provocative the girls from the other school danced. Not just the older girls either. It really made me appreciate the school we are at for dance.
It was fun to watch them all perform. The girls were super cute! Lauren really got into the dance, especially the part where she got to shake her tush at us! I am really looking forward to their Nutcracker performance next month.
Of course when Lauren wasn't performing, she was sitting on the sidelines. BORED.

It was funny watching her. She kept asking me how much longer until she could get up. I finally went over to sit with her...
Doesn't that girl standing look bossy?! She was telling the girls they needed to back up so they didnt' get trampled by the next routine.

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