Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Livin' the Bad Life

So what dictates a 'good life' versus a 'bad life'?
We have all heard people say they are livin' the good life or that someone has had a hard life. Haven't we all experienced hardships? How much of our idea of a 'good life' is based on perspective? I do understand that some people experience hardship after hardship. I also see people who, despite those hardships, walk with their heads held high and they keep going. Others, just lay down and quit.
I've had my share of hardships. I was molested. I had a miscarriage. My exhusband left me when I was four months pregnant with a child we tried to have. I have been divorced. I have filed bankrupcy. If you asked me how I would classify my life, I would tell you, without hesitation, that I've lead a good life. I'm happy with where I am, and mostly happy with who I am. I can't imagine that I would be happier if those things hadn't happened to me. I don't think I would appreciate where I am without those things that ground me.
I wonder if people's ideas of the kind of life they have lead matches what kind of life people think they have had. I mean some people may look at the things I have been through and say, Man, that bites... and someone else may say that's not too bad, it could be much worst. Perspective is an amazing thing.

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