Friday, January 23, 2009

Loss of Power

My goal was to post a photo every weekday this year. I missed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Last Saturday, my power cord for my laptop stopped working. Without juice, my laptop was powerless. I actually cried when I realized that I would have to go without my laptop while waiting for a new power cord to arrive. On Monday, I upload a picture here using Mike's laptop. I didn't get on the computer much the other days as it just wasn't the same without MY laptop! I felt so loss. I guess it can be viewed a shame that I rely so much on this machine. Our budget is stored on my laptop as well as alot of my photos. I backed up my photos to my external hard drive at the beginning of the month. The only ones I don't have backed up at this time are the ones I've taken in this month. I really need to save a copy of the budget on the external hard drive as well!!

Today's picture was taken on Wednesday. I do home visits for work, and I got permission last week to take pictures of this cabin on a clients property. The owner is a principle who lives in the cabin on the weekends. It is located on my clients property, across the pond from the 'main house' where my client lives. I was given a tour of the cabin last year and must say how charmed I was. I can't wait to take another picture in this spot in the spring/summer once the leaves are green again. Just looking at the pond and cabin, I feel a sense of peace and tranquility.


Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

what a great picture! i love all the 'scenery' you have to capture there!

one day, one day....i'll be able to go visit!

Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

oh, and i forgot, sorry your cord went out! what a pain! i know the feeling though. i was lost when our computer went out and had to use the other one. this week hasn't been fun either. while i wasn't without the computer, i had to very much limit the time on it because it just prolonged the amount of time our backup was going to take. it's ALMOST done!
it's at 98%!!! what, a week later?! geez!