Monday, June 19, 2006

Tagged Again...

From Silly

I AM: up way later than I should be
I WANT: my husband to come back home safely
I HATE: ticks!
I LOVE: my husband and children

I MISS: Mike
I FEAR: losing my husband
I HEAR: the aquarium
I WONDER: where life will take me
I REGRET: not going to school sooner (because then I would be finished!)

I AM NOT: very confident with myself
I DANCE: only with babies!
I SING: alot when I am driving

I AM NOT ALWAYS: right. (thought I try to be!)
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: shadow puppets?!
I WRITE: because it helps me to articulate how I feel
I CONFUSE: simple words sometimes
I NEED: my friends
I SHOULD: not procrastinate on my schoolwork
I START: a lot of things
I FINISH: only those things that are important to me

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