Friday, June 23, 2006


I never thought I could get so excited over wood floors!!

I have wanted to pull the carpet up from one of the kids rooms for a long time. The room that is now Jacob's (used to be Lauren's) has a stench to it from the dog using it as a potty area. It seems I can smell it more than anyone, but it bugs me to know that the carpet is gross! I checked prices at Lowe's a few months ago to have hardwood put in that room. It was going to run about $850-$900 for an 11X11 room. When no one showed up to do the estimate, I canceled the whole process.

Last week, a friend refered me to a place that sells used furniture for really cheap. I found a couple of desk I wanted for the boys rooms for $20 each. I was talking to the guy and saw they had hardwood floors. They came out of the houses and such they are tearing out of buildings on base. It just so happens that the hardwoods that are in my house are from old WWII building, on base. So this wood is a perfect match!! I asked how much, he said it was $1.50/sq ft for the wood and $1.50/sq ft to have them install it. I would have to pull the old carpet and take off the baseboards. Totally doable. Also, once installed, the new floors would need to be sanded and refinished. I called the contractor we were talking to about doing an addition and he gave me the right price to come finish the floors!!! Woohooo!!

So, next Wednesday, new floors will be installed in the boys rooms!! This weekend will be spend pulling carpet... I can't wait! LOL

I'll post some before and after pics... stay tuned!

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