Sunday, September 12, 2010


There has been lots of heavy stuff posted here since I've been posting again. Really, it's why I am posting; because I am carrying alot of heaviness right now and this is a safe place for me to write about it.

I got a call yesterday from my Step-dad. He checks in pretty regularly. He asked how we were and when would Mike be coming home on R&R. I told him sometime around Nov. He replied "Mine is never coming back" and just started to cry. I feel so much hurt for him. I can't imagine the pain he is feeling. I just replied that we all miss her and it's so different without her. He said a few more things that just confirm what he is struggling with. I pray for peace for him.

On a lighter note, I took the kids to a nearby state park today. I had heard of the place a few times before and decided we would go check it out. The pics above were all taken today at Ha Ha Tonka State Park. It is a beautiful place and I can't wait to go back and explore more trails there. I think this will be a beautiful place to go this fall with the kids.

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