Friday, August 24, 2007

Trip to the ER

Every Friday night, I get together with about 5 other women. It's always here at our house. I love to entertain and it feels great to be surrounded by friends. Well, since my surgery, I asked if we could switch houses every week since I can't keep up with everything right now. Everyone was fine with it. Last week, it was at Amy G.'s house. This week, at Amy H.'s house.

Well, we got there and the kids were all picked tomatoes in the backyard. Her house, like mine, backs up to the national forest. She even have a dried up creek bed.The kids started to wonder out and all of a sudden we hear YELLING from the kids! Jacob and Lauren are leading the pack back to the house. Jacob runs all the way around to the front door, won't stop for ANYONE. Everyone thought it was a snake. I get to Lauren first since I was at the back door and that is where she came. They are all yelling BEES, we got stung!!! It was chaotic trying to figure out what was stung. We try to get them calmed down.

Out of the six kids out there, Matthew was the only one NOT stung. Jacob and Lauren each had 4 stings. I immediately gave them benedryl and we got them to all settle down. There were a few bees that came in on clothing and the dog. We got everything under control and Lauren started complaining that she was itchy. I put her in a cool bath and she was doing alright. I gave her motrin for pain too. After about 10 mins in the bath, I was going to take her out and noticed bumps, hives. I get my friend Amy G who is a nurse to look at her. Her mouth is ok so she says we should just watch her. Well the hives got worse and she started to lick her lips. That was it, we were going to the ER.

Christina got her van, the said they had the boys and off we went. We are 6 miles from the gate to post. She did 70 or so to that point (the German in her! LOL). Once we got to the gate of post, I asked for a police escort the hospital, as it was another 10 miles or so. The MP hopped into the patrol car and lead us in. They took her right back and started to get her vitals and such. She was getting oxygen as her pulse-ox was 99. Phew! They started and IV and gave her a shot of epi. Then more benedryl and zantac (it's an antihistimine). She got pretty drowsy and finally fell asleep. They watched her for a couple hours and released us.

Now, we have to carry the epi pen with us. I hope we never have to use it!

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