Thursday, August 09, 2007

Moving On

I am recovering well from my surgery. I go back on Monday to get the stiches out. The worst part has been having to sleep on my back. Go figure!

The kids go back to school next week and I go back to work. Fun. This is all just a little closer to Mike coming home, so I won't complain! We are looking at early Oct for his return. I can hardly wait!!

I got a letter in the mail from insurance today. I get to go to a consult about a breast reduction. I am ready for the pain to be gone.. a little nervous about recovery... But I know it will all work out. I will call and see if they will let me use the same plastic surgeon that just did this surgery. I like him and think it would be nice to stay with the same dr. I really need to get on this...

The kids are doing well. Jacob and Lauren are ready for school to start. Matthew said he is not ready to go back and be teased. I just hope that the little turd from last year has moved or something. I hate to think of my son being miserable at this kids whim. It bites.

Mom is not doing so well. The pressure in her lungs is getting worse. It's a scary thing. They are waiting for more results to see what the next step is. If it's the pulmonary hypertention, they can adjust her meds. If it's the autoimmune disease.. there isn't much they can do. I am so torn about this.... I am trying to stay strong and at the same time realistic. She has an awful disease that she can not recover from.

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