Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Ray of Light

So, I went to bed at midnight last night. Lauren was wiggling around in her bed, so I told her to come sleep with me. I needed a snuggle buddy. So she climbed into my bed and I went into the bathroom. And I heard it.
"Lauren, did you just throw up in my bed?"
"Uh huh, and... "
"More huh?"
So, I put her in the tub, stripped by bed, found clean sheets. Got her cleaned up, the bed remade and us back into it. She was so sweet. She said "Mom, I told you I didn't feel good". And she did before she went to bed last night.
What a way to end a shitty day.

The kids woke me up at 8 this morning. With breakfast!! It was so sweet. They made Fruity Pebbles, toast, pop tarts and a cheese stick. I also had a cup of milk in a My Little Pony cup. Best breakfast ever. And they let me go back to sleep. Until 11 this morning, when I got up on my own.

I so hope this is the start of a wonderful day.

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