Monday, January 16, 2006


I am sooo dang annoyed with one of my instructors this session.
The instructor for our ethics class (online) "borrowed" the sylabus from another instructor. She didn't bother to update it with her own information. The dates that assignments are due haven't been changed from last session either. There were some questions as to what was due, and she didn't give clear answers. Then she emailed the entire class and asked what we thought about her changing the format of what would be due. Quite a few students have emailed her back about this as well as asking for clarification on what we are expected to turn in for this class. She has yet to respond to ANYONE! It's getting really frustrating. Oh, and when she does type anything, be it in email or on the class forum, she types in all caps! HOW ANNOYING!!!
I just hope these next 7 weeks of this class go by pretty quick. I don't know long I can deal with the incompetence of an upper level college instructor. UGH

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