Sunday, October 17, 2010

Flowing forward

Things are still unsettled here. Forward motion is the name of the game. Mike should be home for R&R in less than 30 days. This makes me happy beyong measure.
The kids and I are going to visit my mother-in-law next weekend. It's been a while and I am looking forward to being in her presence.
My friendships with others continue to change. I lost a friend earlier this month to me being completely honest with her about something that I don't easily share with others. It hurts me that she would abandon me when I was only trying to be forthcoming. At the same time, I am glad that she was able to express her feelings and do what she felt was right for herself. The part that hurts the most was that I have listened to her and not judged her for her choices or the things she has shared with me and she couldn't give me that same unconditional friendship back. Something else that bothers me is that I don't think it's what I shared that drove her away. I think I hit too close to something that is hurting inside her and she can't bear to face it right now. I will write her back and tell her how I am feeling. And that the friendship is always there if she chooses to come back.
Aside from all of the above, I am doing well in school, working 2 days a week and subbing alot on my days 'off'. The kids keep me busy and I find things to fill any free time so as not to dwell on the bad. It's working for now, though I do know that I need to do some work with the bad to make is good.
(The pics above were taken at Stone Mill Spring. Click on them to see them larger.)

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