Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"All Polynesians are Bi-sexual"

So, Mike and I are in Hawaii. The past few days have been total bliss! Our only goal was to spend time together and to reconnect. I have to say that goal has been accomplished. We have lazed around, gone shopping, gone out with friends, out to dinner, walked on the beach, watched the sunset, and even gone to Pearl Harbor to tour the USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri. I would like to get out there are take more pictures of the flowers, people and beach.

Tomorrow, Mike has to 'work'. He has to go in and get some paperwork and such done. Hopefully he will find out the date that he gets to leave here and come home. I leave here on Thursday and it will be so strange to be the one getting on the plane and leaving him behind.

I have to say I miss the kids, but it has been so nice to spend time with just Mike. It is something we have never had the opportunity to do. We have been asked countless times over the last few days if we are newlyweds. I guess our love for each other really shows! :)

Last night we met a couple of Mike's friends at a bar for a while. As we sat and ate and drank, we watched this older man take 'tourists' and their camera to the side of the railing, near were we were sitting on the second floor. He would take their picture, move them to another position for another picture and take them for 'one more shot'. We watched him do this a number of times. He actually said to one group 'it's ok, all polynesians are bi-sexual'. It was all we could do not to laugh with him standing next to us. I knew it had to be the title of my next blog!!

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